Most of Grower Direct’s flowers come from the highland of Columbia and Ecuador in South America. One of the world’s premiere flower growing zones is found in the Bogota Plateau of Columbia. Situated in the Andes Mountains at 9000 feet or higher, the plateau is blessed with rich volcanic soil and near-ideal climate for growing flowers. Grower Direct has long standing relationships with some of this region’s best farms; some of them small family operations, others are large corporate farms. Grower Direct looks for suppliers with the right attitudes, systems and track records to ensure rigorous quality standards during growth, harvest, grading and packaging.

From planting to harvesting, to your local Grower Direct store, every stage of your flowers’ journey is closely monitored by highly trained staff, to ensure you the highest quality flowers available. Grower Direct uses the latest in post-harvest care to ensure high-quality flowers that look great for the longest time possible in your home and office. All roses come with a unique 7 day rose guarantee. Every Grower Direct store features knowledgeable, friendly staff and walk-in coolers. With over 110 stores and growing, we can deliver quality fresh cut flowers whether it’s across town or across country.