Types of Digital Marketing

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The E-Commerce Industry

The present e-commerce industry thrives on digital marketing. The amount of data trail left behind by customers have provided companies with relevant information to predict and forecast their needs and behavior. We see so many advertisements daily that it has become a part of our life. We see them hidden in mobile application. Websites have advertisements to other websites. It is also important to note that these advertisements have resulted in lead generation to the websites.

Types of Digital Marketing:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM has enabled brands to grow on a global scale. Sharing content relevant to the business while providing valuable information has resulted in acquiring customers and retaining them. Social media is a powerful platform to enable growth and visibility. Brands need an online presence to increase its global appeal. Look for a good sem (search engine marketing) company in Singapore to learn more about social media marketing  

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Creating content relevant to the business and sharing them across platforms creates a demand for the product and services. This type of marketing is used to pique interest and acquire customers.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

PPCs are ad spaces bought on popular websites which link to the seller’s website. Ad spaces are bought on a pay per click basis. Digital agency in Singapore believes it is the digital platform equivalent to the billboards on highways.


Search engine optimization is the most essential aspect in digital marketing. When we need information about a certain product, we use internet search engines to learn more about it. Position and ranking of a website on the Search engines are therefore essential to increase its visibility and presence.

Email newsletters

Retaining customers is essential to any business. Sending out email newsletters pertaining information about products or offers of sales will keep customers engaged and informed. It is also a way to market personalized products to selected groups of customers.

Text messaging

With the increase of mobile phone penetration in the population, text messaging has proven to be an effective tool in digital marketing.


Digital marketing is the tool required to maximize brand exposure and create brand value. Digital marketing enables lead generations through personalized campaigns at target groups. Businesses, in and around Singapore, can grow in an exponential scale with the right marketing agency. 

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